Differences between briquettes and ordinary charcoal

transportation of Biomass briquettes and charcoal briquettes
Truck carrying briquettes (machine made) and charcoal (normal)

Briquettes which are machine-made charcoal are made from various raw materials such as straw, sawdust, wood shavings, rice husk, corncob, twigs, bagasse, coffee husks and various kind of combustible plant materials. See a detailed list from this link: Our Products.

The main differences between briquettes and ordinary charcoal include:
1. Briquettes use recycled agro-waste as the raw materials to produce hence it has no destruction to the trees and circumstances; ordinary charcoal is made from burned wood directly. It not only requires cutting plenty of trees, but also brings a large amount of wastes to pollute the environment during the burning process.
2. The carbon content of charcoal is about 80% and the calorific value is about 7500-8000kcal/kg, while the calorific value of ordinary charcoal is about 6500kcal/kg with less heat energy.
3. Briquettes are easy to burn and has no smoke, carbon fire head and spark during burning process.
4. Briquettes have the features of regular shapes and proper structures, uniform of length and size, normal charcoal is uneven is shape.
5. Moisture content of briquettes is less than 5% while the ordinary charcoal has high degree of moisture content.
6. There are no chemical substances in the home-made briquettes and there are no poisonous, harmful substances and gases in it. And it is without bitter taste.
7. Briquettes are cheaper than ordinary charcoal.
8. Briquettes take a longer time to burn as compared to ordinary charcoal.
9. Briquettes are clean on ones hands as compared to ordinary charcoal.
10. Briquettes are eco-friendly, ordinary charcoal can contribute to environmental pollution and degradation issues.
Comparing briquettes and ordinary charcoal, briquettes have more advantages in the long term from the perspective of environmental protection. Therefore Briquettes should be used widely.


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